Winter Wanderings | Austria

When Winter comes there are only a couple of choices: hunker down with a raft of Christmas gift books, send out for pizza, and read, OR plan a trip to the sun, or a trip to the mountains for skiing, or a trip anywhere but in the realm of slush and sleet. Personally I can do it either way, or so I Read More…

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Powis Castle | Welshpool, UK

On warm and sunny June Days, I am reminded of a wondrous day we spent last year at POWIS CASTLE, one of the great gardens of England. Actually it is JUST across the border from England into Wales, and it is what one would think of as the quintessentially English great house garden.The picturesque souvenir Read More…

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Pousadas of Portugal

Travel & Leisure’s 2003 cover story on the Pousada of Don Afonso, at a town called Alcacer do Sal south of Lisbon, left a lot to be desired. It was called “edgy” in the article, whatever that means, and was given a scant paragraph. The story did not give anything like a real feel for this former Read More…

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Portugal’s New Look

Everyone who can goes toward the sun in the winter. Some of us are lucky enough to spend the winter in Florida, or California or Arizona, or at least a while, and some of us get to go to the islands for a week or two. (I know, some of us get to go to Amenia.) In Europe, the same thing is true. It Read More…

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Christmas in Portugal

We are looking forward to a trip to Portugal soon. The planning has put me in mind of a wonderfully amusing Christmas trip to Portugal several years ago. We were visiting a very good friend who was posted to Lisbon as an Ambassador. On his invitation, we immediately made flight reservations to this Read More…

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National Trust Houses, Herefordshire, England

We drove through several back roads bordered by hedge rows, off the A40 in northern Herefordshire, taking turn after turn. We knew we were in deepest England, but were not sure we were following the directions properly. Our destination was Old Linceter House, a National Trust property, where our friends Read More…

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The Manor at Hemingford Grey | Cambridgeshire

John Drake picked us up in his vintage BMW, and drove north up the London Road, just outside of Cambridge. With great excitement, he told us about our destination. A visit to the house and garden of a dead writer of children’s books did not engender in me very much excitement. On the other hand, John Read More…

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Berlin II | Berlin, Germany

Last time, I was in the midst of reminiscing about a recent trip to Berlin, which is once again the capital of Germany. Many of us have traveled to Germany many times, but many of us have concentrated on the beautiful Bavarian towns of southern Germany. Now that Berlin is back in the spotlight, and Read More…

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Lake Como | Lake Como, Italy

A few days on the shores of Lake Como last summer were but a hint of the delight this place can bring. Mention of any of the Italian Lakes conjures up all sorts of romantic thoughts to most of us, whether from literature, travel photos, or our imagination. There are pros and cons to these little treasure Read More…

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Swiss Walks | Various, Switzerland

By a stroke of great luck, we were invited to share a large well-located
condominium apartment in Chateaux-d’Oex just East of Lake Geneva last summer. Our week there was a reintroduction to that part of the
breathlessly beautiful Alps, where I had been 25 years ago on my first, believe
it or not, trip to Europe.

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